hotel kloster nimbschen dachzone ug

Our hotel

From a historic cloister mansion to ample diversity: welcome to recovery, indulgence, culture and fun!

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Much more than just a hotel

In spite of its distinctive tracks of history, the old Nimbschen estate has become an entirely new place. Where crops were stored, cattle were bred, and the harvest was processed more than a one hundred years ago, nowadays our guest's scrimmage. The former access yard has become a small park, in the huge barn we opened our culinary school and built a bowling lane, meetings are being held in the mansion, and the long barn hosts grand feasts and events.

And this is by far not the end of opportunities: we also offer in-house restaurants and festival rooms, a miniature golf facility and the adjacent fitness club, the party location »Plan B« and of course the nearby jetty at the river Mulde.

By the way: as our guest you can choose to stay in our midst (in the 4-star hotel) or with a little distance (in the guest house). Whatever you desire.