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The most beautiful day in life: dare to say yes!

Is there something more romantic than tying the knot? And how could one celebrate a great love more perfectly than with an unforgettable feast at our estate?

Our Hotel Kloster Nimbschen is a favorite and proven place to get married and to celebrate wedding feasts: it is no coincidence that the civil registry office of Grimma established an official wedding room in our mansion. But also the ceremonies in our chapel or the abbey ruins of Marienthron are very popular for this great moment. And of course, you can choose from the most beautiful festival rooms on our estate for the subsequent feast!

For the matter of the festive program: we know very well how challenging it is for you to prepare a wedding. Therefore, it is essential for us to support you during the preparations with all our experience and creativity, with sincere commitment, great ideas and to assist you with steady nerves. We can promise that a big occasion like this will become an unforgettable event – a real celebration of love!

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For the official part you may consult with the civil registry office of Grimma


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